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Should CT allow a third casino?

05/30/17 AT 08:25 AM
At a location that maximizes Revenues. Over simply blunting MGM.

05/26/17 AT 08:29 AM
Gambling has social costs to families, employers that offset any positives that come from inc. kjobs or state revenue.

05/25/17 AT 08:27 AM
Save Connecticut jobs now

05/25/17 AT 08:26 AM
The long-term economic and social costs would outweigh any small gains. Why invest in a dying industry that is already over-saturated? It's like buying a jug of contaminated water in the middle of a flood.

05/25/17 AT 08:26 AM
CT should most definitely allow a third casino! CT should allow only the MMCT Tribes to construct and operate the third casino in East Windsor. By allowing this project to move forward, CT will not lose jobs, business and tax dollars and revenue so desperately needed to balance our state's budget! This third casino will create more well-paying jobs for CT citizens and thus, add more to the coffers of the state. MGM has spent millions of dollars on stall tactics meant only to prevent our Tribes from protecting their assets under the umbrella of "fair business"

05/25/17 AT 08:26 AM
It would benefit the state and offer new jobs to the residents of Ct. All of which is much needed.

05/24/17 AT 08:38 AM
As Route 91 has CONSISTENTLY demonstrated ever since its completion a half-century-plus ago, it's among the interstate system's WORST-designed segments, requiring protracted revisions during MOST of that time which contributed to numerous accidents and EPIC, sustained traffic jams, with little in the way of alternate easements, especially to and on, the Connecticut's west bank - an East Windsor casino will only INSTITUTIONALIZE such terrible attributes of that commute, combined with Springfield's complex (AND Six Flags, the Big E to a lesser extent) arguably destroying FOREVER the quality-of-life within a 50-mile radius, creating much more killing stress with respect to timely work arrivals and leisure trip durations is far, FAR too high a price, and there may be alternative new revenue streams available that are MUCH more empowering of East Windsor residents, those of surrounding towns.

05/24/17 AT 08:37 AM
Instead of asking the public, why don't you ask each lawmaker this question: Would you want a casino in your town?

05/24/17 AT 08:37 AM
The Mohegan Sun / Foxwoods proposal to bring the third Casino to East Windsor Connecticut would be the best. Both Tribes have brought over 20 plus years of experience in casino operations. With their proposal being selected this would help stem the loss of jobs to the neighboring state of Massachusetts.

05/24/17 AT 08:37 AM
My casino Job is very important to me and my family and it is important that we do everything that we can to protect not only my job but all jobs here in Connecticut.
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