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Is Hartford still the insurance capital of the world?

06/07/17 AT 08:31 AM
Not in 30 years...

06/07/17 AT 08:30 AM
Our governor shows up to the table way too late. He also just choose to not go to the White House to meet on proposed infrastructure improvements. Looks like CT will be getting a goose egg in that area while our local administration plays politics while waiting for the next democratic president......

06/06/17 AT 08:18 AM
No, We only think we are! We have lost our identity, and our corporate businesses forever!

06/06/17 AT 08:18 AM
Not by a long shot.

06/06/17 AT 08:18 AM
Very sad.

06/06/17 AT 08:18 AM
Hartford's insurance environment is shrinking while Des Moines has been growing. If we were the capital, wouldn't companies be looking to put their operations, and more importantly their executives here?

06/06/17 AT 08:17 AM
That went away a long time ago. We are the state employee capitol of the world now.

06/06/17 AT 08:16 AM
No, and it hasn't been for some time. If you go to Omaha, Louisville, Nashville and Cincinnati you will see cities with an insurance presence equal to or bigger than Hartford's

06/06/17 AT 08:16 AM
The State legislators, DO NOT GET IT! they can not continue to give away money to everyone, in order to stabilize the state we need to reduce expenses, and take care of all fiscal responsibilities. That being said it will be hard and everyone will have to adjust. However raising taxes with out cutting expenses does not work. We need to shrink the state budget and put people back to work,

06/06/17 AT 08:16 AM
No longer should Hartford reflect this status as the current governor is forcing insurance companies out of the state.
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