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Is golf part of your business networking strategy?

06/22/17 AT 01:38 PM
Would be nice if other active lifestyle options were popular in CT like they are out west. The Rockies and Western States take advantage of lots of outdoor activities to network

06/21/17 AT 08:26 AM
Only old guys waste a day

06/20/17 AT 11:11 AM
No, controlling overhead and costs is

06/20/17 AT 11:11 AM
OMG, I can't decide if this question is quaint or tragic. Who has time to leave work for a long lunch and a couple of holes? Forget the two martini on the golf cart track. Networks are built today by actually delivering on what you say you can do.

06/19/17 AT 01:01 PM
I am absolutely dreadful at golf. It would be more of a networking detriment than a networking opportunity. That strategy does work for many of my co-workers though.

06/19/17 AT 12:07 PM
Special events for charity is all I attend. To routinely take an entire day and golf and entertain is not part of the model for me, and for that matter, my customers.

06/19/17 AT 12:07 PM
Due to time constraints, we meet with customers at coffee places.
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