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Should the city of Hartford file for bankruptcy protection?

07/20/17 AT 08:33 AM
More money from the state is just a short term fix. It won't correct the structural problems that prevent investment in the city.

07/20/17 AT 08:32 AM
Filing is the democratic or lazy way out. STOP spending - Think before you spend.

07/19/17 AT 08:32 AM
I have personally seem Hartford employees retire in their forties from non hazardous office jobs with excessively generous compensation packages. Bankruptcy judges have stepped in, and readjusted compension to match funds available in other states. Do it now and get it over with

ric bee

07/19/17 AT 08:32 AM
Then Bronin can get rid of those union contracts

07/18/17 AT 08:35 AM
The state needs to step in to help a city where so much of the property base is non taxable. Nearby towns have sent their "problems"

07/18/17 AT 08:35 AM
Only if necessary to get appropriate labor contract and other longer term fixes. It will create borrowing problems, and a lot of extra cost if ability to borrow is even available if bondholders are stiffed. Bad precedent that will restrict future ability to borrow and contract.

07/18/17 AT 08:35 AM
Yes! As soon as possible!

07/17/17 AT 01:28 PM
Let's rip off the band aid and let the real healing begin

07/17/17 AT 01:28 PM
How many respondents are qualified to offer a truly informed opinion on such a complex topic? I'm not.

07/17/17 AT 01:27 PM
Just do it and get over it! This ongoing drama is ridiculous. Maybe if they file for bankruptcy we can finally move forward.
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