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Is Hartford an attractive city for Millennials?


08/04/17 AT 07:53 AM
Once the XL Center is renovated and an NHL team moves back in, it will be.

08/03/17 AT 04:08 PM
The City has not planned strategically for its growth and long term viability. Without inspired leadership, the city will continue to flounder and be unattractive to most demographic groups. Hartford could be a Providence or even a Boston if current leaders were replaced by visionaries. Don't see it happening. So many better options for millennials.

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
It's minor league with a minor league team.

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
As some one that rides my bicycle through the city on weekends tyipcally coming from the North (Bloomfield) or West (West Hartford) to East Hartford, I'm often struck by how bad the city is. Especially if we are talking about anything more than a block or two from the XL Center. It doesn't show well at all from attractiveness to feeling safe.

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
Grocery Store

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
Things are happening here, if you know where to look. The river is beautiful, the commute is a breeze, the sidewalks aren't jammed, the restaurants are good, and there are lots of theaters and museums nearby. No, it's not NYC or Boston, but that's not such a bad thing. Those are nice places to visit, but . . . .

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
The city and region are making significant efforts to make it more appealing to millennials, but once millennials hit their 30's, they will head right back to the suburbs to buy homes, though they may still work and play in the city. Rent in Hartford may be "affordable"

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
No, Not safe after dark. No cultural interests. Very few restaurants open on weekends. No upscale night life.

08/01/17 AT 08:13 AM
Very hard to keep young, ambitious people in a city like Hartford when you have Boston and NY nearby, especially if they went to college there. Those that remain in Hartford often head to West Hartford Center, which is what Hartford should look like. People of all ages need more stimulation and attractions than Hartford offers

08/01/17 AT 08:12 AM
No! There is nothing here to attract Millennials. That's why they get their education in CT
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