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Is Hartford a viable market for a professional soccer team?

10/25/17 AT 06:27 AM
Not a snowball chance in hell will Hartford or Connectciut ever get something like this.

10/24/17 AT 07:39 AM
Very Good Question! Who believed that the Yard Goats would have been

ric bee

10/23/17 AT 03:05 PM
We can't support more popular sports. Only crony capitalism could even consider such folly.

10/23/17 AT 03:04 PM
If they can secure a venue to play.

10/23/17 AT 03:04 PM
Hartford is too small of a market. There is nothing wrong with being what we are....a smaller market. It brings advantages and there are plenty of other samll market cities that are hot in other parts of the US. We need to be honest about what we are and play to our strengths instead of trying to be something we are not.
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