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Has the state's fiscal crisis made you re-think your Connecticut residency?

11/06/17 AT 08:30 AM
Yes, everyday

11/02/17 AT 08:32 AM
It made me think of leaving many times, but I decided to relocate from the Hartford area to the shoreline where life is slower and much more scenic.

ric bee

11/01/17 AT 08:36 AM
Not really,the overall performance of deep blue Corrupticut certainly does though.

10/31/17 AT 09:34 AM
Absolutly. The people who run our state always want more and more of my hard earned money. It's time to pack up and leave here and go to a state that is better run and actually knows the meaning of a dollar.

10/31/17 AT 09:34 AM
Yes! If we did not have relatives in CT, we would be out of here!

10/31/17 AT 09:33 AM
We will definitely leave Connecticut and join all of our neighbors in a less expensive southern state. Everyone we know is leaving the state as soon as they can.

10/31/17 AT 09:33 AM
Time to get out before we run out of other people's money.

10/31/17 AT 09:33 AM
But it has made me re think our legislators!

10/31/17 AT 09:33 AM
The state has no viable long term plan to improve itself nor does it appear to have the leadership willing to initiate an honest assessment with the appropriate stakeholders. The problems will get worse. Time to fix the OPEB liability before the state bankrupts itself.

10/31/17 AT 09:33 AM
At this point the only thing keeping us in CT is family, If parents weren't elderly I would definitely consider relocating. I have already advised my children to keep their options open as far as determining job offers and or transfer opportunities.
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