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Can Greater Hartford support another regional shopping center like the Outlets Shoppes at Rentschler Field?

11/27/17 AT 08:24 AM
Retail is dead, who shops anywhere but online these days? Parking, driving, crowds, high prices, etc... vs. click and done.

11/21/17 AT 08:22 AM
Sure! Greater Hartford can support a 3rd Casino in East Windsor, so it obviously can support another Outlets shopping center at The Rent!

11/21/17 AT 08:22 AM
It will become a matter of the outlets / malls people shop at and those they used to shop at. I don't see this being a matter of a bigger pie, just more people at the table for the same size pie. As far as I recall, our stats are showing CT is losing people.

11/21/17 AT 08:21 AM
On-line is killing brick and mortar establishments, just like Big Box stores destroyed the local retailer. It's no different than manufacturing. Make as much as you can, for as cheap as you can, or I'll go elsewhere. Loyalty is gone.

11/21/17 AT 08:21 AM
There are no outlet options in the Greater Hartford area. This could bring some much-needed life and energy back to the east of the river, apart from Glastonbury, Manchester, etc.

11/21/17 AT 08:21 AM
Look at Buckland Hills, West Farms, and Danbury Mall.....all have empty store fronts and lower class occupants.

11/21/17 AT 08:21 AM
Buckland Hills Mall is awful - low-end, cheap-quality stores catering to those under 25. The foot traffic is dismal. Because of this, East Hartford could really use an outlet-type of shopping center featuring more diverse, interesting, quality stores at outlet prices with easy highway access away from the mess in Manchester.
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