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Can Hartford become a hub for insurance technology, or InsurTech, startups?

ric bee

12/04/17 AT 08:25 AM
Miracles happen every day...why not here in the Shooting Star?


11/29/17 AT 08:36 AM
It already is. A friend left Hartford to work for a major insurer in Boston and was shocked how behind that firm was compared to the company he left in Hartford.

11/28/17 AT 08:30 AM
Both Hartford and the state of Connecticut are doing thier best to chase away any real business from starting or re-locating to this over taxed state.

11/28/17 AT 08:30 AM
Hartford cannot even manage its budget and be able to pay its bills so just how will the leadership manage either of the two aspects of this question.

11/28/17 AT 08:30 AM
Yes, but it will need a lot of help from the state, the city and the industry. Good luck.

11/28/17 AT 08:30 AM
Hartford has a severe IMAGE problem. UCONN Hartford is a start but, it is a commuter campus. The entire city is a commuter campus.

11/28/17 AT 08:30 AM
Why not? Hartford has the potential to be a lot of things!

11/28/17 AT 08:29 AM
Yes as long as we work in parallel to remove the barriers and get serious about restructuring cost drivers for business and residence of CT. We need to be on par with other regions in the US. We can't continue to have such high costs when other parts of the country do not,in particular we can't be #48 on a list of 50 when it comes to property taxes or $5327 when the national average is $2149.
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