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Will an Aetna-CVS combination benefit consumers?

ric bee

12/15/17 AT 08:27 AM
Consumers will get ripped off,but the Big Wheels will roll in money. This merger will ultimately fail

12/12/17 AT 08:34 AM
Unlikely. Define "benefit"

12/11/17 AT 03:30 PM
It just creates a Bigger, Big Box store. Prices will go up not down. Look how many hospitals are crying poverty, as they keep building more and more facilities.

12/11/17 AT 03:30 PM
CVS (Certified Value Store) needed to partner with Aetna or Amazon would have destroyed their drug sales. CVS stores operate in high visibility town centers and have high fixed overhead costs including premium property taxes. Lets be honest, their huge profits are made on selling drugs not the sundry items they offer. Amazon selling prescription medications would sunset the current CVS business model and put a lot of so-called pharmacists out of a job. By not having to pay for multiple pharmacists for every store, the overhead costs and property taxes, Amazon could offer much lower prices. The Amazon approach is a much more efficient distribution model for Rx's and could lower costs for consumers significantly. Perhaps in the future we will be visiting CVS to have brain surgery rather than buying a gallon of milk.

12/11/17 AT 03:30 PM
Yes--Especially if you can enroll directly and easily in an Aetna HC policy at your local CVS.
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