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What type of development is most needed in Hartford's Downtown North quadrant?

12/26/17 AT 09:17 AM
Something to benefit the people that are already there, as well as something that will bring more people to the area. A food and discount retail store like a Walmart anchoring a plaza A economy level motel with a bar/restaurant. Where visiting players can stay, if that is successful you can add market rate housing rather than start off with below market rate and have it fail

12/20/17 AT 08:28 AM
Mixed use would be best to appeal to different people attending games.

12/19/17 AT 08:36 AM
An active Police substation.The HPD needs a nightly patrol

12/19/17 AT 08:35 AM
Jobs / Economy. We need this in order to have the others. We need more opportunity for growth, growth that leads to job creation and income growth.

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
We've got a great Science Center, Historical Society, and Old State House downtown, but I still see a new for more attractions to bring people to Downtown North. The ballpark is a great new place to go during the warmer months, but we need other things to bring the crowds downtown all year. And then restaurants and retail and apartments will follow. (And when is the Colt Factory going to open as a national historical park?)

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
Ball fields

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
not a good investment for short or long term return

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
When more people live there more of everything else will follow.

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
Green space.

12/18/17 AT 04:52 PM
There needs to be a well thought layout of all of the above. Narrow thinking of one line item is what ruins these areas in very short order.
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