Survey: Health is CT residents' top priority in state spending


The State Capitol in Hartford.
Connecticut's highest priority in state budget spending should be assuring residents' health, according to 55 percent of those surveyed in a recent InformCT poll.

In contrast, only 29 percent of residents said increasing workforce productivity should be a top priority.

The InformCT Consumer Confidence Survey administered in December for the fourth quarter asked 510 respondents to rank six issues in terms of the priority state officials should give them when deciding how to allocate funds in the state budget.

After health, respondents were most concerned about assuring the safety of people and property, with 49 percent ranking it a top priority.

When it came to increasing workforce productivity, 43 percent ranked it as one of their two lowest priorities among the six issues.

The other issues that ranked low were maintaining high student achievement in K-12 schools (27 percent considered it a top priority); assuring the security of Connecticut's vulnerable children (29 percent considered it a top priority); and adults and maintaining and improving the quality of Connecticut's environment (considered a top priority by 13 percent of respondents).

InformCT is a public-private partnership that provides independent, non-partisan research and analysis to foster public dialogue and action in the state. The survey was administered by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center Inc. and Smith & Company.