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Should CT allow more commercial casino gaming?

02/28/18 AT 08:18 AM
The last thing this state needs is another casino.

02/27/18 AT 08:43 AM
Very No! Also scrap the East Windsor slots box. Within 10 years it will be vacant like the theaters were!

02/26/18 AT 06:42 PM

02/26/18 AT 06:42 PM
Let not be the "Drive Through State"

02/26/18 AT 06:42 PM
Enough already. Gambling, brewpubs, wineries, distilleries, legalized marijuana - CT's new economy? Las Vegas East?

02/26/18 AT 06:42 PM
Yes but only for "accredited investors."

02/26/18 AT 12:13 PM
Enough is enough!
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