#12 Large Company Category: Supreme Industries


Supreme Industries

Headquarters: Harwinton

Industry: Construction


Top Executive: Kevin J. Boucher, President

Supreme Industries is a comprehensive specialty contractor that provides expertise to complex right-of-way clearing, access road and site-preparation projects.

Employee Bonuses: Offers flexible schedules including four-day work week option. Also provides annual merit-based employee bonuses that range from $250 for recent new hires to $100,000.

Employee Recognition: Hosts monthly birthday luncheon and cake to celebrate birthdays within the month.

Fun & Relaxation: Holds an annual holiday dinner and dancing party for employees and spouses/significant others. Supreme is an animal-friendly office that has at least two dogs (owner's pets) in the office daily.

Community Service: During Christmas time, annually sponsors five to 10 local families with a relative who has terminal cancer, providing holiday gifts for the family as well as needed essentials.

Being Green: Supreme has installed solar panels at two of its facilities and generates power to not only support its facilities but to send back to the grid.