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Should the state pay off Hartford's entire $550M in general obligation debt?

ric bee

04/19/18 AT 08:13 AM
The State is really paying back people

04/17/18 AT 02:47 PM
Absolutely not. When was this ever publically aired or debated? Why should Hartford be singled out for this relief, which will surely come at the expense of other cities and towns. If the magic formula to have your debt erased is to simply make bad decisions and be unable to meet your obligations, it's only a matter of time before everyone will qualify for relief, bankrupting us all instead of only the fiscally irresponsible.

04/16/18 AT 04:41 PM
Your only robbing from Peter to pay Paul. Problem is, Peter has already moved to Florida.

04/16/18 AT 04:41 PM
I'm a little surprised (but only a little) that legislative leaders now say they had no idea what they were approving last year concerning Hartford's debt. The state is right to step in and help - for a limited period of time and only with sufficient controls to ensure the city doesn't add new debt if current debt is apparently transferred to the state.

04/16/18 AT 02:48 PM
We all benefit from Hartford and the non-taxable real estate in the city.

04/16/18 AT 02:24 PM
The whole notion of doing that is ridiculous. That will simply drag out the inevitable. Declare bankruptcy, and within two years Hartford can be back on a sustainable financial footing, positioned for growth.

04/16/18 AT 01:55 PM
Bailing municipalities out does not incentivize sound fiscal management.

04/16/18 AT 01:55 PM
They have put themselves in this situation by giving away unsustainable pension and benefits. Declare bankruptcy and be over with it.

04/16/18 AT 01:54 PM
Why, so they can run up debt again? It's not a revenue problem, it's a spending problem.

04/16/18 AT 01:54 PM
Next time it will be 1.1B if they are let off the hook now.
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