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Do you plan to regularly use the Hartford Rail Line?

04/23/18 AT 12:22 PM
Only when I plan to travel into NYC, which may be 6 times a year.

04/23/18 AT 12:22 PM
Absolutely! Looking forward to day trips to New Haven and Springfield. Should also be useful for business meetings in the winter.

04/23/18 AT 04:24 PM
It will make it easier for our kids in NYC to get here. The roundtrip car trip to New Haven is 1.5 hours and with tolls going up, this will be utilized by our family to save time and $.

04/23/18 AT 04:23 PM
Very concerned about the safety of the fleet. This seems to be a political 'must have' that hasn't been fully thought out, not unlike most other political initiatives in Connecticut.

04/23/18 AT 12:22 PM
Much to slow!

04/23/18 AT 12:22 PM
Schedule to Hartford and out of Hartford north have large gaps in service times.
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