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Will higher gas prices make you travel less this summer?

05/17/18 AT 12:32 PM
I fill up in Massachusetts to avoid the high CT tax when prices go up. The cost in Mass will at least keep me budget neutral.

05/14/18 AT 12:44 PM
The difference is not going to be significant enough not to travel.

05/14/18 AT 12:38 PM
I did not have any driving vacations planned.

05/14/18 AT 12:38 PM
It will mean that I'll spend less on something else--probably a cheaper lunch/dinner while traveling. There is only so much money and if more goes for something like gas, then there is less for something else. So much for economic investments.

05/14/18 AT 12:07 PM
Rising gasoline prices can be an indicator of an upcoming recession as it did before the 2001 and 2008 recessions.
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