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Will Connecticut adopt legalized sports betting in the wake of the Supreme Court's recent decision to allow it?


05/29/18 AT 11:57 AM
Absolutely, potential tax revenue is like blood in the water to a GREAT WHITE or Piranha for that matter. Your lucky if even bones are left when their done.

05/22/18 AT 09:45 AM
Any chance CT has to drain a household further and tax a vice, they’ll do it.

05/22/18 AT 09:45 AM
Yes! ASAP! Another easy way to more collected tax revenue!

05/21/18 AT 04:46 PM
Another source of revenue, of course!

05/21/18 AT 04:45 PM
Of course. The extra income will let them spend more!

05/21/18 AT 04:45 PM
You can bet on it!

05/21/18 AT 01:45 PM
I smell money and what do politicians like the most?

05/21/18 AT 01:45 PM
Chomping at the bit

05/21/18 AT 01:45 PM
Sports betting does not benefit the people that can least afford it so I hope that it isn't adopted in Connecticut.

05/21/18 AT 12:06 PM
They allow other betting, why not they will of course get their percentage of the profits.
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