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Do you prefer to bank online or in-person?

06/18/18 AT 10:12 AM
Better service with people. I can actually get a straight answer quickly to solve any problems. I have no need to eliminate yet another direct person-to-person interaction that does not in any way limit my options.

ric bee

06/13/18 AT 01:51 PM
I,and many others have gotten away from online transactions of any kind,especially banking.The lack of morality in the world today is appalling and very prevalent on the internet.Hackers and thieves are there 24/7.

06/12/18 AT 01:07 PM
"Old school"

06/11/18 AT 05:16 PM
I prefer human interaction

06/11/18 AT 01:24 PM
I only go to a branch to use the ATM and rarely if ever go inside or use the drive through.

06/11/18 AT 12:14 PM
Safer in person, no hacking of data.

06/11/18 AT 12:14 PM
Really, both. I like the convenience of handling routine transactions like deposits online. For most other questions, I want to speak with a banker across a desk, and have a conversation with them, get their advice, etc.

06/11/18 AT 12:14 PM
Mostly online, but like to know that I can visit a bank if I have a need that can't be met online.
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