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Should the state Bond Commission allocate $50M to expand apprenticeships in CT?

ric bee

06/21/18 AT 02:18 PM
Corrupticut does not need to get involved in private business anymore than it already is.

06/20/18 AT 04:29 PM
The jobs are here, we need the trained talent to fill them

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
The bond comission should allow the investment in all work readiness programs including Pre-apprenticeships.

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
Absolutely there has never been a more important time to develop our workforce and close the skills gap

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
Definitely! Connecticut must invest to build a strong and viable workforce. Not only to attract new business to the state, but more importantly support existing business to thrive and expand. The gap between formal education is becoming wider due to the rapid advancements within the workplace..... apprenticeship programs fill that gap. These experiences can be created for any setting. Healthcare included!

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
This is an investment in the long term economic health of the state.

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
OMG yes! Our state is lagging economically and with the increase in defense spending, we should be doing everything we can to help our citizens be trained to fill as many support and direct manufacturing jobs as possible.

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
As long as it's statewide not just for one specific region.

06/20/18 AT 11:30 AM
Seems to make sense to line up with State investments to grow businesses in key industries, while those employers are saying they can't find enough skilled workers.

06/18/18 AT 03:52 PM
What makes you think that the apprenticeships reside in CT after the program? Make it contingent on a refund of the training costs if the individual fails to file CT income tax returns for x amount of years.
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