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Can Connecticut realistically eliminate the income tax and produce a balanced budget?

07/07/18 AT 12:00 PM
Nothing is impossible.

ric bee

07/06/18 AT 11:12 AM
A balanced budget can be produced anytime the Legislature wants too.

07/05/18 AT 07:58 AM
Why can’t the Reps summarize their proposal on an envelope? Fire all state employee? Privatize every major department? Enact those tax cuts that worked so well in Kansas? Hey, Reps: Tell the voters what you’ll cut and then see what the voters do in Nov. But enough with DJT-style promises: put up or shut up!

07/04/18 AT 10:45 AM
Its the only chance it has. Otherwise all the money will leave...


07/03/18 AT 03:57 PM
Yes, to remain competitive with other states. Just count the Florida, New Hampshire and Vermont plates around. They are not coming here for the weather or to pay taxes.

07/03/18 AT 03:57 PM
Connecticut is addicted to spending money foolishly

07/03/18 AT 08:47 AM
Yes, we need to be more irresponsible. Lets do this by buying 50 year bonds so we can continue kicking the can down the road some more. Then when problems begin to rise just blame the other party and then go for 100 year bonds.

07/03/18 AT 08:46 AM
we had a balanced budget before the state budgets became bloated with feather bedding that necessitated a income tax- so it just requires someone with the guts to cut the fluff and bring in more justified private sector jobs for these people to go to

07/02/18 AT 04:20 PM
Oz Griebel's response was accurate and forthcoming. He laughed at the prospect of cutting $9B from the expense side of the ledger.

07/02/18 AT 02:38 PM
Craft a multi-year plan, make tough decisions, pare down government, and stick to the plan. Will it happen? Not as long as we have one party, leftist government.
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