April 4, 2016

CT ranks in top 10 for sin taxes

A new national survey ranks Connecticut 10th when it comes to the payment of sin taxes, including levies for tobacco and liquor.

The survey by personal finance website Credio incorporated tax data from TaxPolicyCenter.org and the Federation of Tax Administrators. Credio ranked the states from lowest to highest aggregate sin taxes.

Here is how Connecticut's sin taxes break down:

Tobacco Tax (Dollars per Pack): $3.40

Liquor Tax (Dollars per Gallon): $5.40

Wine Tax (Dollars per Gallon): $0.72

Beer Tax (Dollars per Gallon): $0.24

Connecticut is ranked second in New England behind Rhode Island for highest sin taxes. New Hampshire is the best ranked New England state at 35th.

Alaska is ranked as the No. 1 state for sin taxes followed by Hawaii, Washington, Tennessee and Florida. Wyoming has the lowest sin taxes. Its tobacco tax is 60 cents per pack and its beer tax is 2 cents per gallon. Its liquor and wine taxes are not broken out because the state runs the liquor stores.

– Keith Griffin

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