A Guide to STUFF Made in Connecticut

Welcome to STUFF Made in Connecticut

Lots of things get made in Connecticut.
First on the list? Great careers.

Thousands of strong, stable and successful companies make things in Connecticut. Thousands of them. They are modern, technology-based firms, employing the most advanced techniques and tools. They successfully compete domestically and globally. Some are muscled-up public companies you have heard of, others are small, multi-generational family businesses, or maybe subsidiaries of international companies.

These organizations have a common problem. They are aggressively seeking career-oriented, next-generation workers to fuel their growth. They pay well. Really well. A first-year trainee might earn $60,000, with six-figure earnings not unusual for dedicated employees. And rather than you paying for your education, many of them will pay for you to learn more, and thus earn more. The manufacturers featured here in A Guide to STUFF Made in Connecticut want to get the word out to you. If you are technically inclined with basic math skills and are willing to work hard and learn, the future may be very promising for you. Right here in Connecticut.

Are you a high schooler, who suspects the time spent and debt taken for a conventional college degree is a poor choice? If you are ready to work hard and apply yourself, your future is promising indeed. Are you a returning veteran thinking about how to build your post-military career? The discipline, clarity of mission and commitment that served you while you served are highly attractive and sought after.

Nothing of real value comes easy. And it is hard to generalize about the requirements you'll need to show up with to be considered for the many available positions. They run the gamut from high school graduate, to technical-college programs, to advanced engineering graduate degrees. But, as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Manufacturing is so important to our state and our economy; countless organizations are committed to helping you, and Connecticut's manufacturers.

Plan for a successful future. STUFF Made in Connecticut is a great place to start exploring.

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Joe Zwiebel, President & Publisher


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