April 16, 2018

Dr. Jarrod Post | CEO, Starling Physicians

Dr. Jarrod Post

Starling Physicians will add five to six medical groups to its flock this year as the physician group — formed in 2016 by the merger of Connecticut Multispecialty Group PC and Grove Hill Medical Centers PC — continues measured statewide growth.

"Starling is primed to expand into more complete healthcare services, such as laboratory, imaging (and) other ancillary services and, in the future, to pharmacy and surgical services," said Dr. Jarrod Post, new CEO of Starling and a former CEO of Connecticut Multispecialty Group. Post is a nephrology and internal medicine specialist.

Starling, which had revenues exceeding $180 million last year, has about 263 providers in 30 locations, including its newest office opening in Manchester this spring.

Has the merger that created Starling delivered what both medical groups hoped it would?

Even more. We have integrated separate medical and support services, offering services we previously could not provide to all patients. We are more capable in responding to patients, networks and insurers, and far more prepared for the transition to value-based health care.

Starling Chairman Dr. Sarit Patel called you an innovator in transforming health care. What's an example of your innovation?

Rolling out a financially self-sustaining team model in adult primary care medicine combining physicians, medical assistants and advanced practitioners — increasing access, preventive care and health promotion.

What do you most hope to accomplish as CEO?

Secure breadth of care for our patients that benefits their lives, while creating a sustainable model of physician-led practice. We need to offer a fuller scope of care services while bringing more value to healthcare costs.

What's the competitive landscape for a physician-owned medical practice like Starling?

The shift towards corporate and network-acquired medical practices in our area has impacted the market for providers. Starling has a number of great relationships with these networks, but their priorities are not always the same as ours. I'd argue Starling's costs of care are lower, and we are more positioned for value-based care.

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