January 15, 2019

New Naugy boutique showcases local artisans

The artisans whose work is showcased at Trish's are predominantly from Naugatuck and the Valley.

For as long as Patricia Marks Angersola can remember, she wanted to open up her own shop to showcase all the "treasures" she holds dear. And walking into her new downtown Naugatuck shop, those values are immediately evident.

Visitors see an array of photography hung on the walls of images her husband James shot in locations throughout the Northeast. There's also a jewelry counter, and drawings made from photographs. Other products include home décor, candles, paintings, local maple syrup and honey, too. Some of Angersola's newest products include Grandpa's Best BBQ Sauce & Ribs.

For years Angersola had sold her own handcrafted items at Terri's Flower Shop, just next door on Church. From time to time, she had joked with her husband that the shop next door, which was occupied at the time, would someday become her own.

One day, James Angersola called his wife to tell her that the storefront at 172 Church Street had become available for rent, and from there Trish Angersola didn't hesitate to open up her new business in downtown Naugatuck. Opening the store was self-funded from the Angersolas' savings.

"I started making jewelry, night lights and other items from Agates and Geodes as a hobby and began selling them in local artisan stores throughout Connecticut," explains Angersola. "I have always wanted to open my own store, so when this space became available, I put the wheels in motion and Trish's Treasures Artisan's Boutique was born."

Downtown renaissance

Trish's Treasures opened for business last April. What makes Trish's Treasures special is not only the fact that all the items are handcrafted, but they are all made from local artisans from throughout the Valley and Connecticut. Indeed, out of some 50 artisans whose work is represented in the shop, as many as 15 of them are from Naugatuck. That naturally includes Patricia and James, whose photography adorns the shop's walls.

"Downtown Naugatuck is a hidden gem," Patricia Angersola says. "I feel our downtown is up and coming with its quaint New England small-town feel and lovely green. It is a definite must-see — just like Trish's Treasures," she adds.

Angersola is a fervent believer in the importance of shopping and buying local, because it helps to support local communities. In recent years, the borough of Naugatuck has undergone a transformation, especially its downtown. The Whittemore bridge was completed last autumn with brick surfacing and adorned with LED lights to make it more attractive and welcoming to visitors.

Moreover, Naugatuck's downtown business scene has been undergoing something of a renaissance in recent months with the appearance of new businesses and shops, similar to Trish's Treasures throughout the borough. Trish's joins existing retail attractions such as Terri's Flower Shop, Faltom Jewelers and Peach Blossom Boutique that have been attracting shoppers for months and years.

Certainly the initial buzz from Naugatuck residents' reaction to Trish's Treasures has been a positive one based on online reviews and the shop's Facebook page.

"Trish's Treasures is the best," said Naugatuck resident ColleenLee Funicello. "She helped me fully finish the remodel of my kitchen with a custom wreath as she went above and beyond to get me what I've truly wanted for months. She got it for me in two days, and I will always recommend her."

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