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Employee benefits trends to help attract, retain talent

Joe Gianni and Eric Bauer |

Attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever.

Amid record U.S. stock buybacks, CT corporates keep focus on M&A

Matt Pilon |

Federal tax cuts have prompted record U.S. stock buybacks and dividend hikes, but Connecticut's major corporations are directing cash elsewhere.

CT looking to bond $50M to create more 'job-ready' citizens

Gregory Seay |

State lawmakers want to invest $50 million to train 10,000 residents over the next four years for in-demand jobs.

Northeast workers collected nation’s highest pay in March

Joe Cooper |

Northeast employers paid its workers the nation's highest wages and salaries of $28 per hour in March, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor.

4,100 CT jobs added in May

Gregory Seay |

Connecticut employers added 4,100 jobs in May, but the unemployment rate stayed at 4.5 percent, state labor authorities say.

Report: CT manufacturing climate receives “C” grade

Joe Cooper |

Connecticut's manufacturing climate is average, according to a new report.

CT home prices and job recovery lagging behind


Connecticut home prices continue to rise at a much slower rate than those across the rest of the nation, according to recent data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Union doesn’t deserve credit for caregivers’ pay hike

John Horak |

In a typical labor dispute, the tug of war over wages is between management and the union, with the union using its ability to strike to wrest higher wages from management.

CCSU expands nursing program with new lab, amenities

John Stearns |

Central Connecticut State University is expanding its nursing program with a new lab and amenities aimed at wooing more students.

Shifting habits, technology, stagnant economy diminish CT's financial-services jobs

Gregory Seay |

Shifting consumer habits, technology and a stagnant state economy are curtailing jobs in Connecticut's crucial financial-services sector.

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