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Report: 90% of CT municipalities improved jobless rate in ‘17

Joe Cooper |

The unemployment rate fell in 90 percent of Connecticut municipalities in 2017, although fewer saw drops compared to 2016, according to the state Department of Labor.

Why people aren't feeling the strength of the economy


The US economy is strong, but most Americans aren't feeling any richer.

Bond covenants good step despite risks

Greg Bordonaro |

Government finance is a mundane topic, but the state is experimenting with new fiscal restraints that have raised red flags among diverse constituencies, including business leaders.

Gov. Malloy inks two health care bills


Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed two health care bills into law, including one that protects key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, but also warned lawmakers that he will have to find a way to...

Already deep in debt, Connecticut struggles with extremes of wealth and income

Keith M. Phaneuf | CT MIRROR |

Even within a nation racing dangerously toward unprecedented levels of income and wealth inequality, Connecticut stands apart.

401(k) plans shouldn’t intimidate small businesses

Joel Johnson |

As most are aware, Fortune 500 companies and other larger businesses tend to offer 401(k) retirement plans, or something similar, to their employees.

Study: Lack of paid sick leave increases poverty risk

Joe Cooper |

Working adults who lack paid sick leave are three times more likely to earn paychecks below the poverty line, according to a recent study.

CT's $500M bond issue first to bear fiscal caps

Gregory Seay |

The state treasurer says Connecticut's upcoming $500 million bond issue will bear for the first time fiscal covenants in keeping with state budgetmakers' efforts to force the state to live within its...

Gov. Malloy to ink pay-equity bill

Joe Cooper |

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is scheduled Tuesday morning to sign a pay-equity bill into law that prevents employers from asking applicants about their salary history.

Law allows municipal charities


Legislation aimed at giving Connecticut residents options to work around federal tax law restrictions contains a controversial provision that experts and municipal leaders say could lead to...

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