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DeLauro: Cut farm bill handouts to the wealthy, not food stamps


The U.S. House is about to vote on a farm bill that will reduce eligibility for food stamps, a move that has caused a partisan split, with most Democratic lawmakers opposing the legislation.

CT lost 1,400 jobs in April; unemployment flat at 4.5%

Joe Cooper |

Connecticut's unemployment rate held steady at 4.5 percent in April even though the state lost 1,400 net jobs, according to the state Department of Labor.

Dems predict 'eye-popping' health premium hikes, blame GOP


Sen. Chris Murphy on Tuesday helped launch a Democratic initiative that blames Republicans for “sabotaging” the Affordable Care Act, leading to sky-high health insurance premiums.

Lawmakers order further study of CEO commission's ideas

Matt Pilon |

While it’s far less than the CEO-led Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth had hoped for, lawmakers threw them a few bones in the state budget bill approved late Wednesday night.

CT consumer confidence survey finds mixed sentiments

Matt Pilon |

Connecticut consumers’ feelings about the state’s economic and employment conditions are not trending strongly in either direction, according to the latest quarterly confidence survey by...

Zillow: More Hartford millennials living at home

Matt Pilon |

More millennials in Hartford are living with their mom (or both parents) compared to a decade ago, joining more than 12 million people across the country, according to a new Zillow analysis of U.S.

Senate approves raises to avert group home strikes

Keith Phaneuf | CT Mirror |

The Senate gave final approval Saturday to pay hikes designed to head off a strike Monday by 2,500 unionized care providers for the disabled.

Merit must be the basis for equal opportunity

John Horak |

Any Connecticut employer who has responded to a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) discrimination complaint should pay attention to a California lawsuit in which former Google...

Lawmakers should pause new mandates

Joe Horvath |

On April 30, various business and trade associations held a joint press conference opposing a slew of onerous and unaffordable mandates before the General Assembly.

Survey: 15 percent of CT residents aware of CEO-led economic commission

Joe Cooper |

A CEO-led commission proposed major changes to Connecticut's tax and economic policies earlier this year they say could help stimulate the state's economy.

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