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CT businesses, employees face hikes in health care premiums


When the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period for health insurance begins on Wednesday, many individuals who buy their own policies will suffer sticker shock because of a sharp increase in...

Family businesses overcome modern-day challenges

It can be a challenging environment for family businesses these days, especially as technology needs mount and aging owners face pressure to determine who will lead the company into the next...

Farley-Sullivan Funeral Home leverages community connections

Carol Riordan Special to the Hartford Business Journal |

Calls come in the middle of the night for the Farley-Sullivan Funeral Home. After losing a loved one, families are devastated, overwhelmed and often unsure of what to do.

McMahon's Hartford visit solicits small business needs, challenges

Greg Bordonaro |

Taxes, regulations and healthcare costs have long been thorns in the sides of many small businesses in Connecticut and elsewhere, and they are chief complaints Small Business Administration...

Mobile Sense lands $225k for clinical trial

Matt Pilon |

Farmington's Mobile Sense Technologies has been awarded a $225,000 federal grant to support a clinical trial of its wearable technology meant to detect abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias.

Hartford startup harnesses social media, sharing economy

Q&A talks with Jonathan Johnson who is the owner of SnapSeat, a photo booth rental company based in Hartford.

Farmington designer Quisenberry Arcari rebrands

Patricia Daddona |

Farmington's Quisenberry Arcari Architects, on the heels of its summer merger, has changed its name to Quisenberry Arcari Malik (QAM).

Hartford's HEDCO wins $150K federal grant to help entrepreneurs

Patricia Daddona |

Hartford small business developer HEDCO Inc. has won a $150,000 federal grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration to assist entrepreneurs.

HBJ Family Business Awards deadline extended to Aug. 28

Patricia Daddona |

The deadline for nominating a business for Hartford Business Journal's Family Business Awards has been extended to Monday, Aug. 28.

SBA awards CT Innovations grant for $125K

Patricia Daddona |

The U.S. Small Business Administration has awarded Connecticut Innovations Inc. for $125,000 to support technology-driven small businesses.

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