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CT promotes bond investments with upgraded website

Patricia Daddona |

The Connecticut Treasury has improved its BuyCTBonds website to provide investors and rating agencies with access to the latest information about state bond programs and finances.

CT has fewer uninsured due to ACA, officials say

Patricia Daddona |

On the eve of the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, state officials said the federal health insurance law has helped cut in half, to 3.8 percent, Connecticut's uninsured rate.

Tax commish Sullivan now leads federal tax agency

Patricia Daddona |

Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan said he has been named the new president of the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA).

National advocate to help homeowners with crumbling foundations

Staff | Journal Inquirer |

The National Taxpayers Advocate has agreed to intercede on behalf of homeowners with crumbling concrete foundations in Connecticut, federal officials say.

Tough times call for innovative, fearless leaders

Doe Hentschel |

When times are tough, we play it safe. When the world feels unsafe, unpredictable or unhealthy, it's human nature to go home, close the door, pull down the shades and pull the covers over our heads.

Defending a plan to tax Yale

John Horak |

My April 24th column (“Let's tax Yale — Here's why and how”) created more of a dustup than I anticipated. In the column, I tried to deflect the state employee union's search for new...

Lawmakers lack vision in desperate budgeting process

If you find a stranger in your home over the next few weeks fumbling through couch cushions for loose change there's a good chance it could be a desperate state legislator.

CRDA's roots go back decades

New Britain attorney-lobbyist Brendan M. Fox knows well the role that the Capital Region Development Authority is playing to help revitalize Hartford.

CT's 'bridge bank' finds its stride redeveloping downtown Hartford

Gregory Seay |

For years, the 26-story former Bank of America building at 777 Main St. stood as an empty symbol of downtown Hartford's malaise as a hub for employment and urban living.

'Joementum' slows as Dems criticize Lieberman as possible FBI choice


Momentum slowed Friday on the expected nomination of former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman to head the FBI as the White House postponed an announcement of President Donald Trump's pick for the job...

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