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CT casino guest guilty of fraud

Gregory Seay |

An Indian national whom authorities say swindled $800,000 in a “provisional credit'' scheme while staying and gambling at Connecticut casinos has pleaded guilty and faces a maximum 30-year...

Why big business is giving up its fight against a higher minimum wage


Corporate America has been, shall we say, evolving on the minimum wage in recent years.

Geno says he’ll take over Cavey’s restaurant

Zachary F. Vasile | Journal Inquirer |

Geno Auriemma has told diners at Cavey’s restaurant in Manchester that he plans to buy the 85-year-old landmark.

Hartford’s Costa del Sol restaurant closed temporarily

Joe Cooper |

Costa del Sol, a Spanish restaurant in Hartford’s South End, announced Sunday it has temporarily closed.

CT tourism needs some 'revolutionary' thinking

Bill Field |

It's incredible to think that a need exists for a state-led business leader “Blue Ribbon Panel on Tourism” to arrive at the conclusion that Connecticut must rebrand and divert more tax...

Musical gave The Bushnell and city a boost, though some arts venues say it crimped their attendance

Frank Rizzo Special to the Hartford Business Journal |

The musical phenomenon “Hamilton” is long gone from The Bushnell after its three-week, 24-performance run in December that attracted more than 66,000 patrons, some willing to spend more...

Infinity Music Hall sold to Fairfield entertainment company

Greg Bordonaro |

Infinity Music Hall, which opened its downtown Hartford venue to much fanfare in 2014, is getting new ownership.

Hartford a finalist to host a 2020 presidential debate

Joe Cooper |

Hartford is one of six cities being considered to host a 2020 presidential or vice-presidential debate, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Glastonbury to weigh scaled-down hotel pitch

Matt Pilon |

A local commission this week will review modified plans from a developer seeking to build a hotel on a remaining empty parcel within Glastonbury's Somerset Square.

W. Hartford's Grant's Restaurant closes

Gregory Seay |

Grant's Restaurant and Bar, a dining fixture in West Hartford Center for 17 years, is closed.

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